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About the tool

Compose is a writing platform that offers advanced writing assistance, SEO optimization, and collaboration capabilities. Its writing assistant uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect grammar and style errors, suggest synonyms, and improve sentence structure. The platform also offers tools for editing and formatting text, as well as templates and pre-built layouts. Users can also share their work with others for real-time collaboration and feedback. With Compose, users can improve their writing, optimize it for search engines, and collaborate with others all in one platform.

Key features

  • Cuts writing time by 40%.
  • Automates your writing by learning your style.
  • Free Chrome extension.

Additional information

Compose adapts to your writing style and can even write entire emails based off of a subject or topic that you feed it. It also includes helpful features such as “autocomplete”, “rephrase”, and “easy email reply”.
Compose Preview

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